Author Topic: Bike Balancing?? (Revisited)  (Read 408 times)

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Bike Balancing?? (Revisited)
« on: November 26, 2022, 01:39:10 AM »
A quick search here on global forums suggested that this is a topic that has not been widely discussed - (I think?) - Attaching an image of what I found.. Ive been riding for over 10 years, admittedly I'm no expert; but this has been a question of mine for the past 5 years : does front/back wheel weight balancing of your bike make a difference?? I've seen videos of people dropping their bikes from a foot off of the ground and letting them bounce around without holding them.. the bikes seem to be balanced in a way that they don't have any difference in weight from the front and back of the bike. I have no doubt that this is not a significant piece of the puzzle but I'm still looking for input and hoping to get plenty of opinions on this because it seems like something that should be incorporated in the process of everyone perfecting their daily rider.

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Re: Bike Balancing?? (Revisited)
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2022, 09:06:59 PM »
My experience is, that the weight distribution of the bike for sure plays a role and a bike with 10 kg for example can feel much different than a second one with the exact same geometry, total weight of 10 kg but different distribution of the weight.
For example I feel a hitchhiker to be more stable when you have a heavier handlebar. So a light fork with heavy bars feels different here compared to a light bar and a heavy fork. I think many riders who are doing mainly frontwheel tricks want to have a light backend. And maybe vice versa.
But I don't see that it would be "perfect" to have it completely balanced, especially because I wouldn't know how one should achieve that. I mean where do you consider the middle of the bike to be? Only then you could have the same weigth in the front and the back.
So if you are really interested I suggest to experiment with it. But I guess it costs some money to buy another fork and handlebar with the same overall weight of your parts and the same geometry just to find that out... A cheap option for the hitchhiker thing for example is to put some aluminium poles or stuff like that into the grip tubes of your handlebar. If it adds around 200 g or more you can feel a difference in my opinion.
If you try something let us know!