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2019-01-22 19:17:49 -

are the london dagmars still for sale

2013-06-02 06:55:35 -

2011-02-08 22:45:12 -

Why did you closed the beginner come hither thread?

So i will put my question here:

Double whiplashes: Im stuck at the point where you have to step over the head tube to make your second whiplash.
Once I've done the first one, i lift up my foot again, to step over the headtube, but instead of stepping over, my frame drops down, and i need to step on headtube...

Hope you understand, and hope you have some tips!


2010-03-24 21:37:27 -

Well Mr. TJ, A Cat and a Bird...You sure do have such good loyal friends.

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