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About me: My name is MIKE EVANS. Im just back into riding after about a 7 year lay-off. Marriage has its positives, but so does divorce. HAHA Im just so happy to be back on my bike its almost over-whelming at times. Im trying to learn all the new tricks I can, while, often times painfully, Im realizing I have to re-learn alot of my tricks I thought would always come as naturally to me as, well, riding a bike. Im a fan of new school and old school alike. I actually dont like those stereotypes, to me its more open-mindedness vs. narrow-mindedness. You adapt and progress or you dont. Either way, if you are on here and are riding your bike, its not my place to tell anyone why or how they should ride. You all have your reasons, as do I. If you're enjoying yourself, you're light years ahead of alot of people. Have fun and ride hard, MIKE.

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2009-06-25 15:41:31 -

Very great person! Very good seller! Thanks Mike!

2009-06-11 20:52:17 -

Mike...Love the quote below. Word.

2009-06-04 17:06:20 -

"Narrow minded people are killing modern.....everything!"

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