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About me: What's up name is Chris Armstrong 40yrs old out of Indianapolis IN,been riding flat since 85 86 rode hard until 89 quit riding "IN TROUBLE" got back in to it in 98 been on ever since,riding harder now than ever before,father of 3 and happily married,love Flatland it's the healthiest addiction on earth & makes my soul Happy,BIG UPS to Rad Dad & the whole Texas scene & Wisconsin scene, and my RIDER4LIFE Family"Pres Brant Hughes" ya know who you all are,keep pushing it. PEACE & 1Love

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2012-07-27 00:27:15 -

Yo main whats up? My phone and internet got shut off. Trip up there was kinda expensive and bad timing lol. Was good to see you again bro! I will be back up there and we shall Jam! This frame is gonna look Dope!!!

2012-04-19 03:39:42 -

Hey man text me ... 918-402-5716. Hope all is good with ya Bro. Rider4Life

2012-01-04 02:44:48 -


2011-05-01 06:32:48 -

That would be kick ass! I think lighter frame will open a couple of doors

2011-04-25 00:49:45 -

Whats for supper? Think I'm gonna donate the slammer to my buddy thats interested in learning. He needs a flat frame and what better to start on. I'm going to be looking for a cheap lightweight new age frame.

2011-02-14 02:12:54 -

felt good to finally get back out in the spot again.

2010-12-05 08:58:16 -

Nice profile pic!

2010-12-04 17:27:45 -

i hate u and your fully paved

2010-12-03 01:33:42 -

Sorry I haven't texted you back bro. My phone is out of minutes and now is off. Hope all is well with ya bro! Rider 4 Life

2010-08-31 05:21:39 -

wish i could find those pics from motoGP 08-28-10 ...

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