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FS: Sick Child, St. ...   3953 days ago
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About me: Hi, my name is Anthony. I run this production company that revolves mainly around the world of flatland (Deco. Inspira.). Experienced in cinematography, digital video editing, and photography ever since 2001. The company was established roughly around the end of the year, in 2005. I have been given many oppertunities though out the years pass. Accumulating different types of work in the film industry. All while keeping to my main goal of getting coverage of the world of flatland, and exposing it as something more then what it is. Not just to people who haven't heard of it, but to current flatlanders, that share same the opinion. That even thought the sport dates back to the 70's, things are only getting started. Commercials, promotional video's for companies, post production with independent shorts or features, and assisting in certified courses, are all area's in which I work in.
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2009-07-18 06:37:05 -

Hahahah...We were already connected..hahah

2008-04-25 19:03:48 -

Waaazzz up!!!

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