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About me: What up, Im Justin Doyon, Im 26 yrs young

I Am my own person, and Dare 2 be different.

I ride Flatland, Its a passion, been into it for almost going on 11 yrs now.
Dont know where I would be without it.
Sittin in a parking lot and riding my "little" Bike.
Pushing myself to progress at both Life and My ninja skills ;)

I dont like to be labeled
Im me and thats all u need to know.

I have a few addictions in my life
1~Flatland 2~other half<3

If u get to know me I can be one of the nicest and most loving guys youll know.
keep it chill and RIDE HARD !! ^_^
Wouter van der Linde

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2010-05-27 02:46:42 -

Haha, I love you too hunnie.
I am just trying to make my efforts, ya knoe me ^_^

2009-05-18 00:21:32 -

yes i live in prob.
keep riding hard also

2009-03-14 13:44:40 -

75$ shipped for asia

2009-02-15 04:28:01 -

12 shipped on the black evo's... And I'll throw in a page of FF stickers!

2009-02-08 23:17:21 -

Hey bro I have a black EVO front brake setup. Get at me if interested.

2008-09-09 01:13:25 -

hey dude id like to welcome you to bkny jam sept 20th it would be nice to have you in new york to come and jam with guys from all over the world further information can be found in the events section in the global-flat forum

2008-04-25 01:10:19 -

here is a pic of my crankless pony with swisses.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
practicing breakless 4 when the bike comes

2008-04-23 23:09:13 -

dude why you do youre toy away man? i want it:(

2008-04-10 03:19:23 -


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