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2011-09-01 21:18:46 -

hey b-random whats the michigan address you wanted the seat shipped to?

2009-12-10 17:57:27 -

hehehe... noticed your butters avatar.. got one too on the dutchflatland forum... butters is boss!

Hope ur fine and all these days.. still riding hard!
please say hello to chase next time u see him... later!

2009-03-22 17:18:58 -

Sh!t I just noticed that people wrote on my guestbook. Sorry guys, BKNY Jam would have been great--thanks for the invight, I'll try for the next one.

Steph: I ran the profile aluminum shell for at least a year and it was fine except for the fact that I had to use these super small washers to widen the head of the spoke otherwise they would begin to pull through the flange. I can send pics if you'd like to see what I mean. Let me know.

2009-02-22 16:40:42 -

brandon what up mang , i have a question.Are you runnin profile alum. shell,(i was thinkin about gettin one for the weight)but then i heard their is problems with it . comin loose over time after alum. wears down or somethin . If your runnin it, do yuo have any problems. thansk Steph C

2008-09-09 01:07:04 -

hey dude id like to welcome you to bkny jam sept 20th it would be nice to have you in new york to come and jam with guys from all over the world further information can be found in the events section in the global-flat forum

2008-06-12 05:28:13 -

Bran- DON! You rock, man! You got MAD style! Love-ya brutha!

2008-04-23 19:50:58 -

Sup Foo

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