BMX Masters 2010
Country: Germany
Location: Jugendpark, Cologne
Date: Friday 16th July - Sunday 18th July 2010
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Update: Details about the Flatland contest

Time is running short and the Masters come closer. So please visit to sign up for the contest! There will be no more registration at the contest!!!! So for all the riders who want to enter, please sign up now!

Some more hardfacts for the Contest! Amateur and girls qualification will be one 2 minutes run Pro Qualifications will be one 2.30 minutes run In the finals we will add extra 30 seconds for each class

Thursday: open Practice for amateur and pro

10.00 am pro practice
2.00 pm pro qualification

10.30 am girls practice
11.30 am girls finals
1.00 pm amateur practice
2.30 pm amateur qualification
4.30 pm pro practice
5.30 pm pro finals

11.30 am amateur practice
12.30 pm amateur finals 

Pricemoney down to the 10th place in pro finals. Here is the splitting:
10th - 6th place 200 €
5th place 300 €
4th place 500 €
3rd place 700 €
2nd place 1000 €
1st place 1500 €

For all pro riders who will arrive at cologne airport, there will a bus shuttle to the venue!

FLATLAND is back!
After announcing that Flatland and Vert will not take place at the BMX Masters 2010,
we have been receiving many messages from riders, that we’re showing their concerns, disappointment and understanding.
The Flatland community was very constructive with ideas and help in general. It really showed us how much they cared about Flatland being a part of the BMX Masters they made an effort to make it happen!
With the help of deepBMX and their cooperation-partner POWER BALANCE we are able to realize this years flatland at the masters. POWER BALANCE will be covering the 5.000 Euro price money for the Pro Flat. deepBMX will take care about the organization of the Flatland contest. 

Feel free to check and

This gives us enough support to cover the necessary set up and cost.
Now it’s up to all you Flatlanders, to show some respect to all those that make this happen, be there to ride and support!
Thank you for your support and understanding!


ATTENTION: New Date for BMX Masters 2010!
Like announced in our press release from November, 12th 2009, the BMX Masters 2010 will take place again at Jugendpark in Cologne, but instead of the 9th to 11th, the Masters will go on from 16th to 18th of July 2010!
Düsseldorf/Cologne, December, 8th 2009 After talking to organizers of other BMX-Events, we decided to change the date of the BMX Masters 2010! The worlds biggest BMX Freestyle Contest takes place from 16th to 18th of July 2010 at Jugendpark in Cologne.
Everything else will remain unaffected:
BMX Masters 2010: 3 days nonstop BMX and Party
Location: Jugendpark Cologne
Disciplines: Dirt, Park, Miniramp, Vert and Flatland
Classes: Amateur and Pros
Participants: Over 400 from all over the world, with more than 200 Pros
Girls-Contest: Park and Flatland
Oldschool: Show and Exhibition 


Round five for the worlds biggest BMX Freestyle Contest will take place July, 9th to 11th in Cologne. Once again the traditional home of BMX Freestyle the Jugendpark will be the hosting for this event.
Düsseldorf/Cologne, November, 12th 2009 The date for BMX Masters 2010 is fixed. From July 9th to 11th the best riders from all over the world will be coming to participate in this one of it´s kind event.
400 riders from all over the world, among them more than 200 pros, will participate in five freestyle disciplines: Dirt, Park, Miniramp, Vert and Flatland. There will be two classes: Amateur and Pro. BMX-Girls also get the chance to participate in the disciplines Park and Flatland.
With the 80´s Haro Freestyle Demo at this year´s event having such a positive impact, we have decided to be back with more 80´s oldshool BMX Heros and old school shows. Be surprised who we have invited for 2010! Come to celebrate the BMX-heroes of today and the past, see some of the best up coming riders in the world. Don’t miss another legendary BMX Masters Weekend at the Jugendpark in Cologne.