Author Topic: Anyone sell 3/8" wheel slammers? or know a place that can machine custom ones?  (Read 1540 times)

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I saw this 5 year old post:

This guy makes custom 3/8" wheel slammers.

I tried emailing him but got no response.

Does anyone know where else you can get 3/8 slammers or any place that might make them? Or if the guy in the link above is still operating?

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a solution is to diy : I remember a member here showed pictures of tensioners he modified himself to get custom slammers.

The tensioners were that model below that flatlandfuel carries:

It seems quite easy to remove the necessary material to get the good size with a file

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just modifying some tensioners is the best bet and i had the same problem
and rigged the tensioners to fit my Motel Works dropout and i guess the
black motel works frames..ambassadors do not come drilled for tensioners
as Pat and Laura of Flatland Fuel told me and hopefully Kotaro will fix that.

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Ya, tensioner modification sounds like a pretty good idea. Just have to make sure the two are shaved down pretty accurately to get the perfect true.

I'm actually needing this for pitchfork xlt on a 22" street bike. Not too many fork options with 33mm dropouts right now.

I want to run 2.4 tires and it works now, but i just have to keep the tires very true. It's like 1-2mm away from the fork.

My forks happen to have decent length dropouts though, so there's room to scoot the tire out 3-4mm if i can get one of these slammer things to work.

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I am sure Malo @ PIR could knock you up a pair?