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2010-09-07 03:47:32 -

yeah man -fifty more tries at tail whips and i got two this time lol
ah well -i think i am gonna shoot for an opsis too man -i'm sure the geometry is much better on it. ryan from newjersey was really cool -and lee showed up too -had a really good time and we hit chick fila and talked about tires and fun stuff lol
hope to catch you out at whitaker one of these weekends man! this coming weekend i have a job to do and the weekend after that i'm not sure if i'll make it but huffman said there's a riding show in downtown w-s -sounds like fun but i'll need to make sure i got stuff done around here first
laters man

2010-07-21 21:38:30 -

awesome! It's all up to personal preference. TO me, personally, I feel like I WASTED a lot of time learning backwards steamrollers, bc I was too scared of falling on the bike when trying them forards. But if you learn forward steam rollers, it will open a lot of doors. Practicing funky chickens helped me get more confident to try regular steam rollers. Once I learned those I had enough confidence to try hang 5s. I would say good tricks to learn as a beginner are steam rollers, hang 5, and forward and bawckwards pegwheelies.

2010-07-21 15:32:33 -

took me maybe a couple weeks to a month to learn tailwhip, but it is still something that I cannot do consistantly every time I try, mainly bc I do not do it much anymore.

2010-07-11 21:08:43 -

You can hit me up anytime you come to Charlotte. My number is 704-635-0011...

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