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Brake, grips, and so...   4862 days ago
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About me: I'm just getting into flatland, so pardon my dumb questions lol. I've been skating and playing soccer all my life.

Hmm, about me.
I live my life for God above all else. I wish everyone knew the joy He has placed in my life, the purpose I have in my heart, and the desire I have now to change the world (or what little bit I can do). I understand everyone else doesn't think like me, and that's cool. I'm not one of those Bible-thumpers who will try to condemn other people, actually I like learning what other people believe. We're adults and we can talk kindly about stuff as such. I really like to talk religion with people, so if you're ever bored, shoot me an IM.

What else...Guitar Hero is the junk. I melt faces on there.

Been playing music all my life-- piano for 13 years, guitar for 4.5 years, and bass for about 1. I've played piano for weddings, music nights, and yes, even tea parties haha. I like to shred on music, this is where I find pretty much my life's purpose.

Blah blah blah anyways, I'm up for meeting new people and I would sure like some people to ride with sometime, so hit me up on AIM or pm me or w/e.

Later yo.

TJ Berry

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2010-02-25 22:06:03 -

Long overdue feedback, but my stem was shipped fast and as described. Great seller.

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