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About me: I am bike crazy.
im collecting old crap no one probly wants anymore,
like mid school / late old school / what ever
new school stuff- I make hybrid bikes
and ride some of the weirdest setups ever.

pm me any q's ill be glad to help.

sell me your old crap!
wanted badly - old S&M frame for flatlanding.

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2010-09-12 03:18:25 -

Sup brian... are you interested in the sliver or black Nankai hub? Lmk... thanks or i can sale you both for a better price .

2010-05-02 17:29:11 -

how much for the st martin cranks shipped to canada (postal code - n3y5g2)

2009-10-27 04:25:54 -

Brian...just wanted to say your name...on a ladder....

2009-05-23 22:29:38 -

Shuld have the Haro back Thursday, and I can start piecing the signal together. Jst let me know whats up cuz I can sell it to ya when you want then. I can't wait for this bike to be put together. Those 0 forks will prolly make me feel real crazy on the bike tho hahaha

2009-05-02 03:57:48 -

hey Brian, I'm still here riding. I called you that same day you called me but you didn't pick up.

2009-03-26 18:53:49 -

Yo pimp hows it going? Do you have any extra frames to sell?

2009-02-17 09:22:10 -

hi brian, I love your skyway. Could you post more pics of that please. That frame is as modern as anything out now. Do you live in los angeles? I live near Valencia and work in burbank. Later!


2008-10-09 03:49:15 -

send me your email and i will send you pics of the forks and wheels

2008-09-02 18:27:55 -

did you ride in the 80's?

old AFA's in florida?

2008-07-27 06:23:34 -

hey man, where did you get those primo comit skin walls? those are sweet! remindes me of those old avocet fastgrips.

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