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About me: Our company at its inception when it was just an idea and ideas that were not serious. Initially we create a drawing techniques and then applied in the form of raw material. Such as aluminum, iron and other materials. The first part-part is our own use, for the first Flatland. Eventually a lot of friends who are interested and in the number of units ordered. and that's where our business start up.

Until now, almost half the number of communities in Indonesia have made BMX part-part of us. Both of community and street Flatland. Maybe you can rely on our products is a matter of a relatively affordable price and quality can be said to be above average, although the custom. Although I admit, that the products of Taiwan and the USA are very good quality. But the price is also likely to determine.

In Indonesia alone, I saw that the development of BMX to the next ten years is remarkable. Given the population of Indonesia is the largest to the fifth world. And as the process, our company also provides support to the BMX community in Indonesia to hold a competition, sponsorship, prize quiz, and so forth.
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