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Ok, let's mix some things up ;-)

Jesse is now riding for Wrung Street Wear as ART just told us. He is not the first flatlander who team up with Wrung. They also did a campaign with Viki last year: Wrung x Viki Gomez - promo edit.

A Branch will do the annual C3 Jam on September 22. The poster with all the details in Japanese is posted in the event section.

This weekend the 2nd round of the KOG takes place in Kobe. You can find the list of registered riders and the timetable on the KOG website. A few North American and European faces will show up there, too.

Our new video page is a really nice source for up to date videos. Here is some footage of the Worlds: Guelo, Gonzalo Bellanti, George Manoz, Konstantin Chernov, Alejandro Encinas, 18 min highlights of the amateur final and much more..

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