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What a weekend! The BMX Worlds had 100 starters in flatland this year: 50 pros, 47 amateurs and 3 ladies in the girl class. While other disciplines like Park and Vert were struggling with the weather, the whole flatland contest took place with qualifications and finals. On sunday it seemed like it won't stop raining so the amateur finals were held under the big bridge next to the Jugendpark. It was a fantastic atmosphere with a big crowd as you can see on the photo above. Dustyn Alt took the first place (check out his run). Congratulations! The full results have been posted in the forum.

Monika Hinz won the girls class followed by Julia Preuss (2nd) and Aleks Neumüller (3rd)! Congratulations!

Last but not least we uploaded a video of Dominik's run (pro final) to vimeo. Sorry for the bad audio quality.

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