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Khaled is now enjoying the winter in Madina, Saudi Arabia, this time with back wheel , šŸš² #effraimCatlow #flatmattersonline #BloOndosCrewRepresent #ChrisBƶhmTeam
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These are some concepts I came up with a while ago. These are just small pieces that need expanded on. I still haven't seen these tricks elsewhere but I could be wrong. Matt Beringer pretty much covered all the half bar stuff you could do! The barspin stuff is bars backwards and the second trick is a 'Morizohnston", Hiro Morizaki inspired fork jump to Chad Johnston inspired one foot pedal manual. Any ideas or comments let me know.
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New edit of Aleksandr Dmitriev ( ) from Sportex Skatepark

Aleks ride flatland only 3.5 years and have a lot of good tricks with nice flow.

His dream - be a pro rider!
Maybe you can help him with some bike parts, stuff or just like&comment this video ;)

Enjoy! Oleg.
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Today I am stoked to publish this Old School Sunday Special with BMX flatland legend, Robert Castillo. Robert grew up riding for GT/Dyno, and has done it all and still rides and competes to this day. Enjoy this episode.

00:24: How old are you? How long riding and how did Robert get into flatland?

1:45: When you started riding was it only flatland you rode, did you have to ride flatland and ramps when you few up competing?

3:45: What was it like growing up with Ruben, did you guys do the same tricks growing up, were you rivals?

5:13: When did you start competing?

6:00: Did you and your brother, Ruben get sponsored by GT/Dyno at the same time?

7:03: What bike did you ride when you first get on GT?

7:30: What was expected of you when you on GT?

9:03: As a result of getting on GT did you see a lot of magazine coverage come your way?

11:03: Inventing the no dead time between tricks style.

12:14: Battle in the Rockies being one of the hardest contests for him emotionally after breaking his toe the day before.

13:26: From becoming a young kid on GT, how long was it until you went on tour?

15:15: Going on tour with his child hero, Martin Aparijo?

16:27: Competing against Kevin Jones?

18:44: Being on GT when Kevin Jones joined the team?

20:00: Who was your manager growing up on GT?

21:48: Stories from the GT Tours.

26:19: At what point did you see show riding as your number one focus and job?

30:09: Working for Woody Itson.

32:40: Did you guys do the same routine everyday on tour?

33:56: Working with Dave Voelker and Pete Brandt, going solo running shows.

37:15: What got you back into the contest scene?

40:05: Podium at BITR with a broken toe.

41:49: What advice do you give to kids trying to get into flatland?

45:32: Plans for 2018.

48:41: Any final thanks?
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A video review of my experience with the brand new Colony Exon Flatland tire.

Find yours at FlatlandFuel by clicking the link:

Filming by my girlfriend, Autumn Brown, and brother, Connor.

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