Boobs, BMX Bikes, Beer and ME

imageThis is the perfect time to introduce myself if you haven’t already met me in person or via Facebook. Perhaps you have seen my videos, which some of you I know already think… If this wasn’t a girl riding, her video wouldn’t be up on RIDE BMX or on FLATMATTERS. Well, you’re totally right for the most part! I’m not ashamed to admit that because I am very capable of seeing reality. My name is Lea Dobrowski, I have rode flatland for about 1 year and 5 months… and because I have tits, ride super hard and keep up with you boys, beat some of you in a contest before even riding a year, learning as many tricks as I have in a short period of time, and I’m pretty flipping awesome, is why I get attention.

On that note, I would like to tell you that I can totally give you my doctor’s number, yes they are fake. You can totally get your own pair of big o’ tits. Trust me when I say, you’ll be much more popular than me if you have male jewels, tits and you ride BMX! You’ll definitely score an interview in some sort of magazine... smiles!

This summer all I did was ride and travel and drink beer. ATX, YOU ROCK! ATLANTA, YOU ROCK! Kelly Bolton invited me down to Greenville, NC and although I don’t ride ramps, I got to ride in Dave Mirra’s warehouse. Yep I rode flat in a super small space but I can still totally say I rode Flat in Mirra’s ride spot! Also, I went to see Alex in Canada. Thank you for the hospitality, and I like your spot, even if it is in DIRECT SUNLIGHT! York Jam, well York Jam. That was just crazy. Pre jam super awesome and then the next day you wake up, go to the spot and there are just HUNDREDS of you. AGAIN, in DIRECT SUNLIGHT, and I believe I lost about 10 pounds that day from riding out there, so thanks for that! ßTypical girl right! JOMO, amazing, and I beat some dudes in my first contest, which just motivated me more. And at this contest Pat asked me if I would like a girl’s contest. I said hell no, riding against boys just motivates me. A girls contest isn’t fair; it’s ridiculous I ride the same sport; I should compete against my real competition. Sorry ladies, I think girl’s contests are an easy way to get noticed and an easy way to win prizes. WHOOPS. DK, my only goal was to beat FAT TONY, and I did! Step your game up boys! P.S. at DK we went to two strip clubs, Diamonds is WAY better! Please be advised though, they charge you more than they should for you to get in and you have to BYOB. So when we ran out I had to convince some random guys I deserved their beer. ß See it’s because I have tits. Bad idea it was skunk beer.

Martin said to me “you have promoted yourself pretty well.” I haven’t, which is the funny part. All I did was ride, and Effraim convinced me to finally start filming and tracking my progression. So every few months there is a video coming from my end. Somehow while doing all this I got Alain Massabova’s attention, and he asked if I would like to do an interview in CREAM. I’m not going to say no to that man, no one would! So those of you thinking I get undeserving attention, I did not try to get it, I just rode, HARD. Besides, I still don’t have ANY sponsors.

At any rate, I have been offered by Martin, the owner of global, to write a column every week. This is the first. Every week I will randomly pick a topic. Perhaps favorite video of the week, favorite girl rider of the month, a rant about how boys harass me because I have tits and ride bikes, a rant about how I hate a certain trick, my hilarious views on balance points or maybe just an article of advice that I was given, that you should know too. I hope you enjoy my point of view, and finally global won’t be all you boys, little too much action going on between men here.

Ride on ladies and gents,

Lea Dobrowski

2011-01-01 - Lea Dobrowski